Taibeh Public Library

The library was established in 1970 by a select group of secondary school teachers. The library was administered and advanced over time by Messers Ghazi Al Tibi, Muhamad Hadi and Muhamad Jibara

Presently it is managed by Mrs Maha S. Haj Yahia

The library has close to 40,0 00 titles arranged according to the 10 th International Dewy system which is commonly followed by the majority of libraries in the world. The library presently is working on listing all its books on the internet which should enable the public and especially students to be served more efficiently and on a larger scale

Currently the library is heavily involved in creating and organizing cultural and educational functions throughout the year with the purpose of stimulating and enhancing the joy and benefits of reading in all schools and at all levels of education with the help and participation of invited artists , writers from the Arab and Jewish sectors

Since the beginning of this year ( 2015) we added to our book collection 2500 new books . Nearly 5000 persons visited the library and borrowed 3500 books establishment of the library

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